Euphoria lyrics

Pigeon John

In the vicinity with the amenities
Energy rising and _
My _ character wishes _ come _
Can you feel the weather changin around you?
I found you I got you I caught you in a trance
Takin my sh*t to another planet
With basic intentions to get you in touch with euphoria
Swore on my chromosomes
African, echelon with this woman of a light
Call it a past life thinkin through graphite
Im a plated scheme and me my true friends past nights
If they perceive my true color's a flashlight
Comin through my eyes like a nightlight
Like a nightlight, nightlight

Nightlight beamin to keep out the demons
Im dreamin, take me to euphoric feelings
Im feeling you, im feeling you
I'm feeling you

The Grouch:
Got me in a daze high off rays
Come from the sun Im in faze
Were walkin on top of waves
Hear the whales sing - wake the graves
Arms connect us resurrect ya redirect a we dissect a
_ behind mine How useful a beautiful mind
We find when we combine people climb
Peep the shrine keep the time and feel the beat
From the heart to move the street
Part the lanes and start ya brains
Mark your aims what im sayin
Remember your name or maybe change it
Euphoria do arrange it
Dont know then learn it slow
Not oil burn it bro
Im boilin head to toe
We stay fitted and ready to flow
Arts heavy darts deadly
My message pardon medley
Load it bang it pass it around
Just feel it can't practice it now
He cracked the vial she cracked a smile
We wrapped a my own wrapped a child
Awake the shakras, peep the change, make the mantras


Never seen a brighter fisher
Lookin through the windows of our body
See my soul is shinin brighter than it ever has
I'll be the man to rock the cheddar
Make a beat and heat it
Need it than you ever could imagine when I bring it back
When I die I multiply scatterin the _
Planetary visionary on the boulevard high five
Inner space in your faze in a cage
Earth bound with a credit card Cause im back again
You better pack it in
Pick it up and take it in if your lackin in
Quality benefited from the _ of doin in your policy
Used to be about, makin music now we'll be about
Makin money countin way to get the key to house
_ love we're makin music for the money
But I gotta different route
Stayin true to us with every word from the mouth
When they heard of me then I be turnin them out
Keep on file which em burnin the ground
Hurdin the cattle murder rattlesnakes with traits of God
Made mistakes with grace it keeps movin on
Scribed my fate in stone with my faithful hand
Take a manage man im on earth again
With euphoric bliss

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