Heyyy lyrics

Pigeon John

Hey! Taxing with the traction
I’m parlaying in my zone
Forget what they gonna say
Haters and their fake gators
Catered to the ideals
That we gonna break, shake, at the site of my wheels
Turning like 20, 20
Hundred spokes on baby blues
Powdered like the Johnsons
Once its done, and its being viewed
Relaxing when I…hey
Taxing with the traction
I’m parlaying in my zone
Forget what they gonna say

Verse 1
Hey, find the moment together, all the evidence
Fathomed what is sub-sequential
Paths in the barrel, we lobsters and we love to pinch you
Get you in a bind like notebook paper
Kidnapper of innocents, oh you the ones who take em?
Run em hard, bend em break us
Fools, whose? Say it, say it
Choose trues playa playa
Whose blues? Don’t confuse the blues, clues, playa playa
Why don’t you chose the tools that’s gonna well equip
Keep you fresh like celibate
And maybe one of these days we’ll fellowship
Ain’t that a trip!
Ha, ha, you must’ve missed it
Ha, ha, ha, Don’t get it twisted
Ha, Take the time, revisit
Is it what the games been missin’?
Do you know that lanes change?
Or do you simply underestimate the fact
A new outlook could evolve and brain change
I don’t just be sayin’ things
Allow my heart to know the words
Played the bubble, bask and glow, luminescent, laugh and double
Troubles abound, rebound, to shake the fiber of our being
Seein’ status for a moment
Warning: a crack destroying each component

Verse 2
I hear the chitter chatter but it never matter
Flip with paper batter, tryin to get these themes fatter
Seem to make these haters matter
Look at em, so sound, bout to cry, no sir, but my flesh won't let me do it
Got me numb to all emotion
Like the killer with a post it
Im all off in my zone man
Wish theyd leave me ‘lone man
Understand their bone
Tryin’ to lead them to the throne
Where there’s healing for the soul
And the least is made whole
And the grown is getting’ born again
Severed from the secret sin
Hidden from the eyes of man
Hopeless on the ropes again
Drownin in the shallow end
Takin’ dirty water in
Quickly dying slowly
Slippin’ deep into the distance
I’m pressin’ with the sisters
Resisting the resistors
They’re trackin’ my sisters
My commitment is consistent
So they listen when they listen in
And digress to digest the diction’s definition
And bypass the backlash of hater’s that forget ‘em

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