Comin’ Up lyrics


(The Grouch)
Well now they be claiming friend but they ain't happy for me
Seems more like a competition where you act like you're pleased
Because everybody's mission's to position they self
And build up a large supply of my personal wealth
And if you see success you know that people will talk
And yes, we all are equal and my ego ain't lost either
But I'm neither stuck nor winning 'cause of this skin tone
I made a buck off penning intelligent poems
And if you think it's all a fluke, go on and do you
I hope the people feel you're fresh as much as you do
But if it isn't working out just how you planned it
Maybe you're the one who doesn't understand it

(Mistah F.A.B.)
I thank god that I'm blessed with the gift
But all that really means is that I'm stressed with the curse
The better it gets, this mess gets worse
My head I lift for those dead in the dirt
The dead I miss until my head it hurt
My mother rock Kiss before she head out to work
I sit and reminisce of homies dead on my shirt
I wish I could shift like the axis on the Earth
And get away from this nonsense on the turf
But life's got a twist like a football Nerf
In the middle of the mist close friends got murked
With the fiddle of a wrist other friends got worked
Some sh*t will make you sick so what is it all worth?
Man a symbol of a fist is for why we all search
Black power, white power, brown power, it'll work
But power don't exist at the bottom since birth
We gotta get chips, show the world what we're worth
You can talk with your lips but you must listen first

We gotta come up like CVE
Not really my seed
Some E-Y-Es gotta see G&E in the flesh
For decree to impede to the surface
To purchase a home is a dream that I need
Hold me back never that
No soul no man could ever sever
Eligh for making the weather better
Sunshine make it all mine to the feather
One time can't arrest my development
A to the C just wanna be free do me
Won't hate on another man's cape
That's not my fate
I'll get my taste just wait
Patience is not my best suit
Yet I'm not here to impress you
Just brush 'em off when they test you
Bless you
Yes you

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