Nineteen lyrics

Pigeon John

Cut the fader up (turn up!)
Cut the fader nineteen
Decibels above what you normally would

[Verse 1: Onry Ozzborn]
All I ask is that you enjoy yourself at this moment
I brought some friends along with me to speak to this component in hopes to avoid that what you thought was shut above this moment
My ashes have already been gathered and spread throughout
Each and every individual’s mouth
Not even south of the soil and yet my blood has been boiled and freed of germs
Purified, degentrified with terms
To accommodate worms as long as they come with holes
We need to know the other side and hope them doors will unfold
I think we know the other side and all them doors just uphold
Built with iron and heavy gossip to fit to a mold
To shape to the ways for the moment like Han Solo or that Polo logo bro-bro
Fight for the right to party whether Beastie or a Go-Go
Against the grain I’m low over coyote hyena noble misfit strain and been to global harmonious like the dodo
In it Michael recycled the cycle
Let off the calibers bangin’ you deaf in the right lobe
And out the others suffer punctures synonymous
With that of a dagger, sword, or a double headed axe that’s how awful it is

[Verse 2: Aesop Rock]
East coast booger brains
Climbs through styles like fires through sugarcane
Whine like it’s noogie day
Write a hit single Kris Kringle out the cookie plate
Halfway to hell before relinquishing the Super 8, I’m stupid
Communicating mostly ancient argot
It translates into ways to help a stray escape its orbit
The cuddy bunched and Honeydew alone at the lab
Mixing the secrets to his grandmother’s polonium mash
I’m underpaid, I’m overcast, I’m rusty nails, I’m broken glass, I’m 3D letters for the dead up on the highway overpass
One of one, not a son of a gun
No flesh of his flesh
No blood of his blood
Chew the cud slow homie, rubber duck in the flood
Birdman turn puppets into buckets of chum
Turn a summer of love into guppies under my thumb
Keep it gaudy, people call me "what the f**k have you done?"

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