Turmoil lyrics

Pigeon John

[Verse 1: Onry Ozzborn]
Papier-mâché heart turned to pieces
Le-let's just leave this, oh Jesus
Confetti then the confessional
Another one bites the professional
Another bloke that I know, questionable
Illegible is now legible
See that writing on the wall, what is was done with? Tentacles
Resent perpetual, yes it was done intentional
But I guess I'm receptacle in an alley way
The tornado's that way, poor angel
Atta boy, Dark Time Sunshine let's jump for joy
Let's jump for pain, haha no doy!
Winter cometh, the chill is setting
Willow are weeping, frost-bitten legend
Ice skating on ponds, we all on thin ice
It looks like diamonds all across the lawns with moonlight
Glistens and shimmers, sparkles and glowworms
Frigid below zero, animal fur germs
Icicles ice picks, frozen your Rolex
Snowman will melt one day for all to see he's soulless

[Hook: Onry Ozzborn]
But so are we it seems, anything goes now
Igloos infested from the inside an outhouse
Meanwhile I'm just tryin' to build my crystal castle
On the paramount of all levels to view from every household
Like look at them folks, they finally have made it
Follow that brick road, today it's golden pavement
Leads to the poor people and rich people alike
For it is nothing more than wind chimes, percussion, and a voiceless night

[Verse 2: P.O.S.]
All I wanted was what's entitled as a human
Some simple space to consume and some food for the face
A decent chase, all I got is what's commonplace
These ruins, this f**kin' maze I build as I move through it
No clue 'bout what I'm doing, hang out in the world
Like your backyard is my front yard
Like I'm unpacking here
Like disregard is my trump card if y'all can keep it clear
I'm a football something, bring it on
Concussion, all or nothing's nothing that I'm tryin' to trust in, nah!
f**ked or nah, nah, engine running
Piston pushing, iron blood is rushing through and heart is all I got
Plus whatever's on me
On my honors, cross my heart and hope to zombie back and body
Any basic tryin' to stop me, go hobby hunt
My folly's haunting, but y'all got nothing on me
I'll be open, obviously broken but surgical with super glue
Something new, tell me something true
Show me something's wrong with you
Let me come up with something to show a different view
And I'll admit my vision's skews to easy rescue
And I'm prone to tell 'em raise a brick to anyone who tests you
But right now, present, gifted
Presented with most elegant of lessons
Don't reject it, protect it, expect resistance

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