Patience lyrics

Pigeon John

Slow down baby (baby)
You gotta have patience
Slow down baby (baby)
You gotta have patience

Walking through a haze
Seen better days in my rearview
Kinda feel like giving up
After you pray and he don't hear you
So it seems
Like living in a mansion with loose beams
Could collapse at any moment
Killing you and all your dreams
To stay hopeful
Rely on wisdom shared by some old folks
In this ocean, the waves make it rock
[?] the boat floats
[?] captain, chief in charge, commandeer
Black Picasso
If I lose my ear, how will I hear?
So sick of silly rap
We fought way too hard to get here
Stole so many precious moments
Want what's mine so give it back
I'm an outlaw, outspoken
[?] to see it from [?]
Daring you, I'm hoping
That you do it [?]
Tell me how so
Colossal, super epic
Don't believe it, check it
Grits a name that's used in every household
Spin it Petey Pablo
[?] take my shirt off
In this hell hole of heat
I running El Diablo
In pursuit of a better day
Shorter hours, less back break, and better pay
Drifting as I sped away
This ain't so you sympathize
This is to remind you life is short
Get it in your head for you to memorize
Like an [?] speech
For whatever reason
I will [?] man
I'm [?] who can I reach
Coffee Jones and Bonafide (yup)
Don't be fooled by my humble side
I run up on this crew, [?] lion pride

[Needs additional transcription]

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