YES lyrics

Pigeon John

We having fun coming straight from the west
Why say no when it feels so good to say yes?
We got a flow better than all the rest
Why say no when it feels so good to say yes?
Give us a chance & we’ll pass the test
Why say no when it feels so good to say yes?
We don’t say no we're too busy saying YEAH!!!

[Verse 1]
(Yessir) Blu gave me some beats & I said
(yessir) do an EP with me & I said
(yessir) pay the fee now my life takes the
(next turn) yessir
At best we’re the product of our choices
Exotic lands discovered by the ones who raise their voices
Not by the ones who keep quiet
Adventure presents itself brave enough to try it
I don’t just say no I’m too busy writing flows
Doing exciting shows that make my life grow
I don’t like no, I like when you say yes
And DL my LP and tell me I’m the best
Now don’t that feel good like when wifey says yes
The night gets blessed after which you both rest
That’s pro-gress creation no less
No stress procreating real emotion from yes


[Verse 2]
I get the most out of my efforts every time I say eff it
And if its to be its from me saying yes, kid
How will I ever get on that next sh*t
If I never hit the exit and get up out my rest, kid?
If I ain’t moving forward I’m depressed, kid
Nobody’s peeping my electronic press kit
But a yes gets me much further than a no
I woulda never been known if I ain’t do that show
Or sign below, at the bottom of the contract
Or make contact with other artists wouldn’t have this bomb track
Or done laps on a track in Seoul
Too many no's shows you lack control
Don’t be gripped by fear
It’s more fun to run in the sun in your brassier
Ahhh, to be naked & free
Better than clothed & chained you can take it from me


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