What’s Wrong with This Picture lyrics

Pigeon John

{*scratched 8X: "can I ask you somethin"*}

So easy to regurgitate the trash that they feedin ya
Pervertin and distortin the truth through the mass media (uh-huh)
Greedy addicts, who see me as savage
Reverse psychology, I don't swallow easily
Just stay flippin through my hustler's handbook (right)
They told me follow the rules as you thrust into manhood (so)
That's why today a n***a multi-dimensional
Organic, I don't panic, I stay flexible

Let's get real deep, past the naked eye
Cause that's the first place to try to place a lie
Obviously a waste of time
You don't do what you say, that breaks divine
What you say is fine, but my state of mind
Ain't the kind to take a line at face value
How you presented your sentences, candy-coated
I'm {?} then I'll try to get to the motive

The root of it all (the fruit of truth)
Provides the proof (the vibe alive) for who (what) when (and why)
And where is that, you better look inward
Never find it outside yourself, potential

[Del] Man I'm seein somethin a little weird man
[Opio] Yeah n***a they tryin to pull a fast one on you man

[Hook: Del]
Is anything gone but this picture here
Anything out of place that isn't clear
Anything that don't belong in this picture here
Can ya, see beyond what you given here?

{*scratched 4X: "can I ask you somethin"*}

Fahrenheits to centigrade, ever since the 11th grade
I penetrate the mind's eye like a straw through a glass of lemonade
It's ele-men-tary
If marijuana's so bad, what's this Zoloft they sellin me?
You gotta be jokin, forgot I'm from Oakland
If you hop out the roaster get shot up with holes, hmm
Cause it's poverty out here, so the mob'll be out here
For the American dream, how many lost in a year

A hundred and fourteen and more fiend
Proportion, black mortality casualty
Gradually losin grips with reality
When a child's view in violence so casually
Callously, carousel of confusion
Only comes to a halt with thoughtful conclusions
I'mma weigh the pros and cons of what's goin on
Decide whether to go beyond and go along

Don't follow the follower (yeah they be lollygaggin)
Man they tell you they seen it all (and they probably haven't)
And where is that, you better look inward
Never find it outside yourself, potential

[Del] Yeah man next they gonna have you up in the spellbound lost'n'found
[Opio] Yeah man, there's magical sh*t man, it's reality


{*scratches to end*}

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