ANX lyrics


[Verse 1: Eligh]

A convict in my own body
Crazy's what they think about me
Odds what they call me
I can feel the pressure in my chest push down on me
Nervous system vibration so uncomfortable and dis-arming
Man, he's so chill, never talks to much he looks so peaceful in his ways
But you turn him inside out you see the beast is on display
And the prayers on repeat in the brain, no fair
No contest in the game that's lost over and over again my friend
Chronic is the way to explain intensity and velocity
Feelings keep accosting me like a young bully in a dark ally with mis-directed animosity
Most friends can't comprehend your plight
Which isolates you further inward to make a harder fight
I swing my right hand then my left, trying to catch my sanity and my breath
Sometimes I can't stand to be me, that's just a fact
ANX my anthrax and a blessing in disguise
To help my open up my inner eyes

[Hook: Eligh]

I'm a feel these feelings but ill never let them take me over
Yea it hurts for a minute, but I take it to the limit I'm a soldier

I'm a fortunate one, a fortunate one (x4)

[Verse 2: The Grouch]

We don't come into this world knowin' all, growin' backwards
If we never faced struggle in the bubble well that's a curse
My nerves stirred worse
Drinking numb numb juice to quench thirst
What they call it liquid courage for?
When after it's over you're weaker than before
Your powers' got to reach you at the source
Build it up like blocks little boys
In a box with many locks, a few keys
Relearning how to breathe maybe a very basic tool to set you free
Now fly like an eagle
I'm dropping all this baggage
Gonna ride like a Regal
Cause I don't like not being
Controller of my destiny in charge of my feelings
Anxiety, stress, panic, depressed
Can you make it past that? Yes!

[Hook: Eligh]

I'm a feel these feelings but ill never let them take me over
Yeah it hurts for a minute, but I take it to the limit I'm a soldier (x2)

[The Grouch]

I'm a fortunate one, a fortunate one (x4)

[Verse 3: Prof]

Can't get away, It's like I'm froze in time
How people find their happiness, It blows my mind
I'm not easily confused but i'm not easily amused either
Back broke, knee blown out, hold tight
People looking' at me like I'm on the wrong flight
Put on my clown face, swallow down a cinder block
Anxiety biting me weather if it's win or not
I know everybody but I don't know anybody
Anybody out there? Tell me who do really love me
I'm an astronaut lost in space
Sittin' here, touching' myself like I've lost my face
I haven't seen green leaves on a tree in a grip
It's grey outside and it smells like p*ss
But i'm a Samsonite man, gotta keep it rollin' on
Mama didn't raise no b*t*h, so I soldier on



I'm a fortunate one, a fortunate one (x4)

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