The Knock lyrics

Pigeon John

[Verse 1: The Grouch]

Fellas spill the soul when the beat gets crackin'
Ladies let em know it's deeper than rappin’ 
G&E makin' it happen
Keep on keepin' on
Growin' and adaptin'
Speakin' on being someone fashioned out of righteous ideas now I'm laughin'
Me and E would get a bottle of Yack
Bottoms up, toss it back
I don't miss that no more
Oh no I'm sure
Full of mojo, blow your wig back with force
You underdig? Live with no remorse
This is the knock I'm an open door
With many hallways
I miss long days
They were a friend of mine
But in time I sensed I'm
Better for the metaphor tenfold
Dinosaur giant but gentle
In my skin bro
I am your kinfolk
It ain't the end of nothin'
When you wield your weapon
What's next is simple

[Chorus: The Grouch and Eligh]

We been knockin' the knock all loud
When they gonna answer back and get down
Down to the heart center of the root
Need all of you to speak your truth

If you knock, knock, knock up on my door
I'm gon' answer

[Verse 2: Eligh]

We've been knocking for a long time, rocking with the raw rhyme
Knuckles to the bone bleeding outlines
An outlaw, with alkaline intentions not an acid nine
Act in my Shakespeare, break fear
Make a clear stake in high fashion, ashing passion as it burns but never run out
I shoot my sh*t but never see no gun out
I Ioop the heat and always have the sun out
I make my voice through action catch the run off?
It's worth a sip I'm done now with that line not quite the end
I'm in the fun now, the one zone
Been here since a teen, my writing never stops I'm in the scene
I'm on the green, the greener grasses never quit
I'm on an oddessy of spit turned to gold
I spit it from the soul, I get it on the go, I'm on the road
I hit it when I need release
We hid it in the lake to rid the earth of snakes and cold shakes
A bold take on life is walking the the door you've been banging on since day 1
The first instinct usually tells the truth
I play one play write, G plays the other
We write the mysteries for you to uncover
One southern California afternoon
I made my daily knock, the door creaked open
Finally I'm on the spot, I'm on the lot
We in the light, we on the right
Stage for the right reason, right on
All that means to me is, fight on
We'll keep the light on


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