AKFAM lyrics

Pigeon John

[Verse 1: The Grouch]

Some call you selfish cause you want to love yourself
Well that's rubbish, so I love myself
And I love my brother and I'd die to tell it
I got a load to get off so I'm riding with it
None of these tickets is wolf, I got proof
We walked in the shoes and talked in these tones
An optimist
You knocking these songs?
I open my doors, they tossin' me stones
Well let me draw somethin'
Like my daughter does
Higher thoughts than what you thought
What you thought it was?
Throw it back as a blessing, demonstration of
My love, it's honest, no limitation to it
I promised my old self the new me would never lead our soul astray
Even if we're old and gray and can't think right
See the path has been laid follow the ink back
Remember the hunger and deep thought
The embers they burn slow except when you live fast
The second you did that, first that you did crash
But pain plants the seed for the new growth and this rap
Pleasure is the heaven they can't see
And the heaven that they sellin' just can't be
Goin' fancy places tryin' ta figure out basics
Making no sense to my family

[Verse 2: Eligh]

I wasn't brought this way just to be dropped off at the bus stop
Left alone with a microphone and no one home to touch off
These ideas that run through my head like a train wreck
Jump off the tracks before you back up, relax but not no Xanax
To numb that pain I tax up
The days I ran care free didn't feel a thing, now I feel it all
Down to the most minuet, un-resolute emotional sting
Hear the present call and the angels sing
Halo's in a tangled ring of mangled dreams brought back to life
I sink my heels into the soil, I promise not to re-coil
At man smoking that white rock of the devil through the foil
To stand in the face of destruction and make demands
I want to live again and no my friends, I'm on the land
And after sailing many days across the sea of discontentment I'm a man
Lifespans stretch across record books and time lines in sand
I'm a fan of mankind, I'm a fan of God
I ran my shoes ragged, now I grin and bare foot it
Tail never draggin, tail never dragging
Fire breathing dragons can't expire me
Imagine having diaries in heaven being read across the wire
And no shame running through your veins
What a day, what a way to go out, or step in
To the next ascension
I roll out the red carpet, my spirit deserves every thread
As well as all my fellow travelers burdened with a heavy head
Carry that weight is what the Chevy says
I levy dead states of mind out the reservoir and make amends
God won't leave me standing here
And that I can't pretend to not know, amen to all men

[Verse 3: Blu]

She was all giddy, all Diddy he blessed her with the city
All pretty sadity, she hit him with a semi
If I ever fall tell God I won't be forgotten
So I might as well Pac 'em like they never shot him
Third eye, I be forever watchin'
Guardin' the pyramid as if my spirits Islamic
Kiss the Goddess, don't forget about her
You'll never live without her
I see the beauty that you couldn't have without her
Cherish that, f**k a Paris rap, kinda brash
Cause I cherish that chariots'll carry us back
Where the Mary's wanna marry us
Miss Marry Macks
In the city where the bears cop the mary sacks
I wrote a rap like I barely rap
Even though I bury rap
I wrote enough to leave a library packed
Pay hommage to the squad, take a child up to Mars
Make the crowd go wild, touch the stars
I bust my raps like I'm in love with ya'll
Except it wasn't ya'll I was in love with
When bustin' my balls
About the God and the Goddess
The son that they found
Was runnin' out the buildin' when she left
I want you now, I got the same number saved 5 times
Must've played the summer 5 times but she never changed
The same sweater stayed under the weather
When I forget her name, she always said it's just a name

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