People of the Sun lyrics

Pigeon John

[Chorus: Kyle of Slightly Stoopid]

For the people of the world and all them people of the sun
Everybody got a job to do and them gettin' the job done
Whether they doin' it for themself, them families, or for everyone
Forward ever, backward never, that's the way we need to run
Whether you knowin' that it's better to give than it is receive
That is the way we all should live
And that's how we should believe
All them fools and all them riches
And the world they would deceive
And the minds who realize, that world, we never could achieve, so

[Verse 1: The Grouch]

Nobody can take our sunset
I've got a painting, ain't done with this brush yet
It's not a dream, not a scheme, no contest
We gonna love, gotta live these mantras
Get a buzz from a hit of this do right
Can't do enough so I met with the moonlight
Moon Lady watch me and my babies
Our radios tuned we're sailing
Here's to change
Yes they wanted their's to claim
But the thing is:
You write it, you sing it
A brighter future, smarter youth, harvest fruit
Now light the truth up
Art is you
Barter too
Ain't  hard to do life is always on time
And time is now no sleepin' no grind
Money on yours
Family on mine
And if they hate that I pay em no mind

[Verse 2: Eligh]

The music is heady heavy and moody
But right now I feel like its just my duty
The track is haunting and soothing
Checking out my bruises
Perusing pain in the muscles improving movement and loosely
Sinking ships in my battlefield
Cuz I don't think I need it any longer
The battles old but the tape keeps spinning onward
Its so hard when the brain keeps spinning like a merry go round
Then step to the mound throwing strikes at the mic like a Cy Young winner
With a rookie at bat and a greased up palm
But at least I'm calm
When I reach that time when I no longer need my songs
Then you'll never hear from this man again, the end, and then I'm gone
And then I'm on to the next, affects of a man who's never satisfied at 50%
My test, I guess is the one that can't be studied for, can't use a buddy for
Can't cheat, can't delete, can't skip
Reach for the hands of god and once I'm there I check my grip
Now never say never, so Ill never say Ill never slip
Even though that choice is not optional, not written in my script
Cuz that means death and I'm not ready to die
Not yet, matter fact I'm ready to fly
Fly feeling in the heart of a man means giving all I got to the game
Until I make every last person feel the same
I'm anxious to show my name to you, the time is now

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