Broken Now lyrics

Pigeon John

[Verse One]
November '99 my lifestyle declined
When my family business died, lost the house I simply cried
We've been there since I'm alive, other cities got these vibes
That I'm just not feeling at all
My salary has stalled ever since Alaska fall
And yes I do recall that I'm commissioned to DePaul
But now I'm up against a wall, I don't see vision that we saw
Cause my profits put on pause, [?] breaking the balls
My landlord flaps his jaws, credit card comes with a clause
Drop jaw now in awe cause of bills that stacked

[Uno Mas]
My advance didn't last, matter fact it lacked
Uno Mas is red flagged cause my checks bounced back
Finances toe tagged, ATM is straight tapped
Clearing samples is wack, album gets pushed back

I'm broken now
I can not explain to you
I'm broken now
I have to laugh from feeling blue

[Verse Two]
Slowly the pressure beats and slowly disappointment creeps
Until the pulse of a major release
Way overdue and incomplete
I speak the speech that reaches ground zero to mountain peeks
But this is only if music biz politics don't take place
Instead it seems that we embrace, industry rules and let them save
Our works of art, we call it smart when hip hop is now replace
By classic case of common place
Waste the chance to ground break
Enjoy the taste of what could have been fresh but clearly not the best

[Uno Mas]
I'm depressed like the rest because I be going through test
My looks they don't impress and I feel it in my chest

Regress stress, my best bets condensed text, perplex mess to progress me to less

[Uno Mas]
I'm feeling blessed regardless of this music business
Fitness is still a mess and I'm first to confess


[Verse Three]
I've lost a part of me since I moved far from the P
Started a legacy, now it's just a memory
Tends to be excessively regressing me respectively
Can't find what's possessing me to want to go back

Just as if I was running track with endless laps of penny pinching traps
Avoiding sample clearances cause publishing is only half, divided by eight
Not only that, I lost my girl
Due to the fact she simply didn't understand I'm called to do this

They say "ignorance is bliss" we on a quiet riot tip
Wonders of one hit, making European trips
Loose lyric lips, sailing sadly sinking ships
Mildly making sense like Mr. What D Heck


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