Old Souls lyrics

Pigeon John

[The Grouch]
I know this place been here before deja vu
Energy source vortexes Texaco's too
Revisitin' and yet so new
You ain't gotta explain to me
I use my ears to see and the rain to breathe amphibious, amphidextrous
I am the wittiest can't impress me with mere mortal portals
Take a look at my mind what force i'll scorch you
Scalding, I'm balding that don't mean I'm finished
Just I almost know all things
Draw strings, keep the cat in the bag what's it all mean?
Let it out right now told you at the lake, release that's how

Now if life keeps askin' you the same questions
You ain't learnin' the lessons

I threw a lasso round the sun when I was born
I was ejected from the womb
The soul it weights a ton the body light
I'm torn away from god in such a way I cried on earth again
My curse to bend my karma back to shape but just to work the pen
Within' my limbs I had my final date
My destiny the curtain call the crate
But worst of all the great burden of perfection on my slate
It states this man will make his case
And find his ace of spades or be disgraced
Or face the governing body of space
With nothing to show for but a bad habit and some bass
So I worked the field like a jack rabbit to fix my karma
Intensify my aura to reflect off the seven seas
A farmer as it passed I said it, in my younger days
Without knowing my fetish to help man in a ton of ways
Escape from earth the soul has been here many times
Pisces my lifeline I've made mistakes of many kinds
And I'll make more, before I buy the farm
Cause mother's earth energy will pull me by the arm
She charms me with her oceans and her promises of pleasure
Her soul is the treasure, I learned my lesson young


Yeah, patience
Painted with the blood of the ancients
Before we was forced on a slave ship to build a nation
This soul was plated in gold claiming the throne
Five hundred years and still ain't been home
Still I ain't been home
I found my lineage in a song, long play
Listening to memories all day, blown
Asked the brother, "how could he sell his soul?"
He said, "easy, what you hone you don't own"
The knowledge you speak has been told
Loops, life keeps repeating these notes
I see major, somebody said they need paper to eat
But a man shouldn't eat off bread alone, I'm heading home
Sooner or later the creator will call
And I ain't bout to be playing the wall, facing my wrongs
God's speed as I pace to the law
Wondering if I should say grace or be making salah
Somebody said I got an old soul
I'm just trying to figure out my role before the doors close

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