’Aisha (radiallahu’anha) | عائشة رضي الله عنها lyrics


Verse 1:
Brothers and sisters
Of the world and all humanity
There is a lady
That we adore
The mother of believers
The special one

Aisha (radialla'anha)
Aisha (radialla'anha)

Verse 2:
She was the wife of Muhammad
Peace be upon him, we love him so much
Her amazing father was Abu Bakr
Radialla'anhu, known as the truthful one

Aisha (radialla'anha)
Aisha (radialla'anha)

Verse 3:
She was the first woman scholar of our Islam
She was amongst the greatest givers of hadith
She was our mother

Aisha (radialla'anha)
Aisha (radialla'anha)

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