Jannah | جنّة lyrics


[Verse 1: Omar Esa]
Is anybody out there?
Can you hear me calling?
I call you to the truth of Islam (yeah)
Let me show you my world
Where I read the noble Qur'an
The Promise of my Lord is true
Every time I close my eyes
A picture comes alive
All I see is gardens filled with delight
There will be no pain, no sorrow
Happiness and love forever
That is where I, wanna go in my afterlife

[Chorus: Omar Esa]
I wanna be in Jannah
Jannah x3
Every Muslim dreams to be
Up in Jannah
Jannah x3
A pious person's destiny
In Sha Allah in Jannah
Every Muslim dreams to be
Up in Jannah
Jannah x3
A pious person's destiny

[Verse 2: Omar Esa]
In Jannah x2
I just wanna see my
See my wife
In Jannah x2
I just wanna see my dream girl
Up in beautiful Jannah
Where we don't fight
Where we don't cry
Where we don't lie, no
That's the place I wanna be with her
Happiness and love forever
She will be my queen
I will be her king
In our palace made from gold

Yo Sufyaan, tell 'em

[Bridge: Returntosender]
I swear I feel this in my soul
I wait patiently to come home
Cuz I know this is way too real (yeah)
Her beautiful irises as described
By the wonders of heaven, she was designed
By the grace of your Lord
You will take her as yours
And what you create is pure for you
The Lord planned it
By the Lord, your hands will sit - perfectly
Where her hands fit (of course)
So when the birds sing in paradise
Subhanallah, I just write this for my love
If this world weren't designed for us
Why do we fall victim to it
Goin' through it
I could love you for life or for the hereafter
I promise you theres a difference to it (yeah)

[Outro: Omar Esa]
Then in Jannah the best thing will happen
That I cannot even imagine
We see the true love of our life
The King of All Kings
He's the Most Gracious
He is our Master
And we'll see
We will see

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