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"Kill a Habit"

Say n*gga..
Bring me the big lighter, n*gga
What's takin you so long, n*gga, to flick me?

Smoke somethin, bi...
(Why you trippin?)
Old ratchet-mouth, 9-6 teeth-socket-mouth, ???-mouth
???????-chewin biatch!
If a n*gga get in my way, n*gga
I take they pipe, they monkey wrenches, they waterholes
n*gga, pander they lighters, n*gga
Robbery, n*gga
For cocaine!

Dub C's at the muthaf*ckin rockhouse
And I'm, hopin one of y'all can help me out, see
My brother's a basehead and I gotta get him
Before Mr. Dopeman kill him (kill him)
Plus he's makin my mother cry
Her little heart ??? and that sh*t ain't fly (smoked out)
And even though he's our oldest
I gotta deal with his ass from the muthaf*ckin shoulders
For hurtin the family like this
That n*ggga gotta get dealt with (muthaf*cka)
Used to be sittin on swoll
But now his ass is thinner than a car antena
Walkin down the block with Miss Strawberry
Smokin on any and every-
Thing that'll get a n*gga blasted
He's to the curb, plus I done heard
He been hittin on my neighbors for money
Runnin that bullsh*t drag
About his car ran out of gas
Damn, this n*gga must be tweakin
Plus I ain't seen him all weekend
But when I do I'mma break that ass in half (ping)
With this muthaf*ckin baseball bat
And if all fails I got a automatic
But I don't wanna kill him, I wanna kill his habit
But some may say I'm goin about it the wrong way
But they don't stay over my way
And if you ain't never had a family member doin this
Then don't say sh*t
Cause I done tried rehabilitation
But to this n*gga rehabs ain't sh*t but vacations
So now I gotta do it my way
So y'all excuse the tactic
I'm tryin to kill a habit

Cause that's what he looks for, cocaine
Never does he ever get any sleep
Just walks day in and day out)
(He'll chase that high all the time)

Now I'm lookin for my brother bendin mo' corners
Rollin in a dookie green Nova
A n*gga done searched all night
And his punk ass still ain't in sight
Swooped on the homies (what's up, n*gga?)
Anyone of y'all seen my brother bailin around this muthaf*cka?
(Yeah..) They all pointed down the block
That's all I needed to know
Cause now I'm headed for the liquor sto'
Pulled in the liquor sto' parkin lot
Oh sh*t, somebody musta got shot
Cause all I seen was n*ggas in a crowd so deep
Heard a clap take up in the streets
So I went a little closer to see what it was all about
And standin in the crowd
There was my muthaf*ckin brother butt-naked
Doin the Wop in the intersection
Damn, the sh*t had his ass so high
After doin the Wop the n*gga broke into the Robocop
That's when I grabbed and pulled him in a car
Got out of dodge
Took him home, locked him in the garage
Me and Toones tied him up, cuffed him up
Roughed him up, I mean we f*cked him up
So y'all ??? screamin on mine
And excuse the tactic
I'm tryin to kill a habit

(Welcome class to Basehead Anonymous
We have a new friend with us here today
Would you please stand up and share with us..
- Watch out, watch out y'all
Hey all what's up y'all?
My name Willie Calloway
I'm a e-ex basehead
- Hi Willie..
( *applause* ))

6 months done passed
And everything's cool, my brother done got his size back
Sittin on monster swoll
Regretting the day he ever f*cked with the yayo.
Now here's with me and Toones, see
Until he's complete, he's standin back on his feet
Now my mother can smile again cause she's proud again
No more smokin (I quit)
He told us all, he swore
We'll never ever catch him with that sh*t no mo'
Till me and Toones got a call from D.C
Hey n*gga, it's time to promote the new LP (what)
So we packed our bags and hit the road for two weeks
n*gga, here comes bad company
But when we got back home
My brother, my furniture, my muthaf*ckin equipment was gone
That n*gga done smoked it all up
And I ain't seen him since
That's why I'm so p*ssed
I guess I had to learn the hard way
The only one to kill a habit is the one doin the crack
It's like a catch 22, what can you do?
When somebody so close continuously f*cks you
Hey yo Toones, pass the strap
Y'all excuse the tactic
I gotta to kill a habit
( *gun is c*cked and shot* )

(You're, you're had
- That's it
You belong to the, to the pipe)

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