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Lil' Kim

"Bathgate Freestyle"

I'm here to make a mil off of fifteen bricks
I rob for, can't see me workin' for Job Corps
It's Gates, dog
A little introduction to me
Crack's D unto himself
Who else f*ckin with me?
Who got the sh*t in a chokehold?
Who gettin that powder?
Who got the candy red 'Pala
Sittin with M. Holla?
Its real life and I ain't got to act in a flick
Or make a skate and play like I'm blackin a b*tch
I like the 5, but feel right in the 6
Its more roomy, so I can feel right in your b*tch
sh*t, I drink Velvey, Henny, and Cris
In the hood they call me can't-get-right
But I can get right
It ain't a ho in harlem that can't get piped
Or any five boroughs
My 9 semi starts trouble
I want y'all to act up
Go head and play dumb
Billy Bathgates my name, huh
n*gga, I shot ya

(Yeah...DJ Clue...Desert Storm...fat shout:
My n*gga Just Blaze, Enigma, word up)

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