Peter CottonTale


Uhh baby (x2)

[Verse 1: Alex Wiley]
Blast off [uhh baby)
It's the motherf**king time now

Dug a deep ditch when i quit school, but this rapping sh*t helping me climb out
Me and Chancellor, f**k you tahm bout
Village sh*ttin' on n***as in time out
When im feeling this all that i rhyme 'bout
Me and Kembe grindin' in the grind house
Asking where I wanna go, who I wanna be
My life is nothing more than ripping all these beats
And that's the way i want it im trippin'
Of the weed and that im sippin' on at least you
Tipping, f**k you mean
Gotta get mine, gotta f**king win
Gotta bring the Village, I gotta represent it
I gotta keep on pushing, gotta keep on working
I can't stop yelling f**k though, I gotta keep on sh*ttin'

All we wanna do is get money
Seem like errbody want some sh*t from me
Like put me on with this and hook me on with that
Find your way up off my d**k homie
Remember I used to keep the sacks with me
In the basement, watching that Rap City
n***as used to say I rap sh*tty, funny
Now them n***as want a track with me

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