Peter CottonTale

"Nothing to Me"

[Hook: Jean Deaux]
Tired of f**kin' around
They know its nothing to me
n***as is going insane
Cause they know they ain't f**kin' wit me

[Verse 1: Alex Wiley]
Big gats in the back of the ride
Big stacks finna rap cause I'm high
n***as know that they fooped in the back of they mind
Cause its time right now I'mma capitalize
These old n***as mad huh?
You still ain't know you jagged huh?
Mad cause I'm swagged up
Used to talk down til they got passed up
Muhf**ka who hot as me?
Prodical prodigy, b*t*h ain't no stoppin' me
Put words together like f**kin' apostrophes
Musical odyssey, what is inside of me
Gotta get em out, gotta get em out
He don't like it? n***a f**k dude, sit em down
Always talkin bout something he don't know sh*t about
Finna kill the game, n***as runnin round
Innit now
Ridin shotty, ridin shotty
It's a private party
Yo b*t*h is with me, finna ride the pony
Got the biggest tits, vibrate the phone
I hit the swisher I hit the bong
Talkin money, well get along
Get along
Classic records I'm sittin on
I blow they minds then send em home
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