Peter CottonTale

"Midnight To Morning"

[Trumpet by Will Miller]

You are the one
They can't stand to see you rise above

[Verse 1: Wiley]
Thousand dollar payments
Hopped out the 'cedes
And I just told the waitress
That ima have the lobster
Bruh dont even say sh*t
Nobody got the paces
If you think that's yo' baby
Then you go have to watch her
Cause V-I V-I til i d-i-e

All my n***as in the bar don't need I.D
Every time you see the squad you smell the green I reek
Cause all my n***as tryna get highhh


Don't look now, but I'm going higher, higher, higher, still
Don't look down cause I'm going higher, higher, higher, still
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