Peter CottonTale

"Bugatti (Freestyle)"

Microphone check, I still don't hear my...
Oh yeah I do, yeah I do
Who the f**k is Stevie J?

[Hook 1: Lil Wayne]
Don't be lookin' for no donations
You get d**k, then reservations
I get pu**y then hibernation
I start humpin' soon as I wake up
I woke up in some new punani
He woke up bleedin' like "who shot me?"
I kept shootin'; Boo said "you got 'em"
Now, all we gotta do is get rid of the body

But anyway I woke up in some new punani

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I was drunk as a b*t*h, drunk as a b*t*h
But not drunk as that b*t*h
I got in that sh*t acted donkey in it
Junk in her trunk, hope my trunk key can fit
Then she jumped on my d**k like a monkey and sh*t
Monkey see monkey do, banana clips
Shoot at them n***as, no camera glitch
Wax that ass, no candle stick
And I run with some killers I eat with the mob
Got some sh*t built up I keep it inside
Red in my eyes, Mount Everest high
Look dead in my eyes, see death in my eyes
The TEC on my thigh and my aim so good
I could shoot a fly or a bull in the eye
Hold up, all bullsh*t aside
A n***a almost died but I'm outchea
f**k around with a real n***a get murked
I been paid my dues will I get reimbursed?
Love it when she make faces
pu**y feel like vacation
Eat it like I'm dyin' of starvation
I'm at the finish line, her heart racin'
Give her to Fuke if she Caucasian
My n***as wild as Jumanji
You can call me an S.O.B
Cause its skateboards over bugattis

I used to be at them Heat games
With better seats than Pat Riley
Don't stop, pop that don't stop
Pop that Ollie, Tunechi
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