Peter CottonTale

"Time Is Money"

[Intro: Vic Mensa]
Ay Trip, where that smoke at?
Let me hit that b*t*h one time
Bless me, yeah
Stanky man

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
I was losin' it, lost in the dark, but I found my lighthouse
I like when it rains in the spring
Light a J better seen with the lights, oh
(Dolo) Speakers in the Mac back like Rose like Mike, no
I know in the end n***as left, but I guess it's all alright, no
I mean, I know all them, their armors in that science ain't it
Prolly the reason my people's pupils so dilated
If you gon' die, might as well die young
Tryin' to be optimistic with the politicians
Cut schools, buy guns, but when the shots is lickin' at the ones that'll lose they son

Instead they send 'em to private schools and pull back on public funds
While functioning as if they could begin to fathom where the f**k we comin' from

Sometimes I hold my tongue, talkin' feels useless
I used to point in circles for wasted years lost in excuses
Time is money, every second I spent in high-school clockin'
Should've been on the road f**kin' with hoes, fallin' through holes in my pockets
But everything happens for a reason
If you choose to look at it that way
And put truth into the things you do
And really believe what you say
They say the darkest night comes before the brightest morning
I like to think I'd ask the right things if God was right before me
Like, why you let babies get shot while babies is killin'?
All because the system that raised me from grade school made me the villain
Barely out of my momma's crib
Can't even tie my own laces

Just moved into a brand new place
But somehow I still miss my basement

I guess the thing about lookin' back is you can't change leavin'
And I guess the thing about judgin' the past is that it just ain't even
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