Peter CottonTale

"Way I’m Ballin’"

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

I got shotguns under my staircase
Rob yo ho ass bare face
Been had this b*t*h on lock, I’m bout to get this b*t*h a cellmate
All my life I been this cold
All my nights I spend with hoes
I keep change on me now
‘Cus this sh*t’s startin to take a toll

I just flew 2 hoes in, oh how time flies, clip its wings
Make you spit that safe combination, out like Listerine
And even though I’m not an artist this is where I draw the line
We don’t feel none of you n***as
Y'all some f**kin porcupines

I still got residue all on my dinner plates
Real n***as in my inner circle
None of my checks come late, I ain’t having that, I give em curfews
Dressed up like a old lady, uzi under my church dress
Surprise yo ass like a baby… taking his first steps
I’m too good for just any bad b*t*h
Smoke like I’ve been kissing dragons
That milk carton show her missing panties
That pu**y felt like a hidden valley
Thank God that I’m so gifted
I wouldn’t return a single gift
But all good things must come to an end
Like this blunt burning my fingertips

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