Peter CottonTale

"Ain’t Worried"

[Verse 1: Euro]
I'm that Dominican n***a, your b*t*h be talkin' 'bout
I'm in a different city, you can f**k her now
I got a whole collection of my ho collection
Y-M-C-M-B no autocorrection
I said, "f**k all y'all n***as, except my n***as"
Security don't check my n***as, all y'all n***as gon' respect my n***as
Either that or get a whack or get a bat to the back of the neck my n***a
Yeah that shorty with y'all with y'all, cause she never met a big dog 'til she met my n***as
Got a big dream, from a small town
Got a small circle, you never get around
Old hoes thinkin' I'mma put 'em on now
Room full of bad b*t*hes, I'mma put 'em all down
Always been broke, who's rich now?
I ain't never had change, why switch now?

Money talks n***a, I ain't never heard sh*t
Til y'all heard me spit, now everything loud

Got a mojo, with a flow-flow
Got a whole load, don't know if it's a promo
Never cuff hoes, hell no that's a no-no
Coolin' in the cut with a bud sipping romo
No love for the po-po's
Gotta pour more for my n***as in the hell hole
Never tell though, I'mma need a little more dope for my uncle
Cause I sell flows and he sell dope, n***a work
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