Peter CottonTale

"How Dedicated"

What does dedication mean to you?

Umm, nowadays, dedication mean to me...umm, the same thing it's meant all the rest of-whatever, same thing it's always meant man. Just get on the mixtape, have fun, enjoy myself. Say things that I wouldn't say on my album or, you know what I mean, say things that I wouldn't on a album. On anyone's album for that case or whatever

Anyway, yeah, dedication still means the same thing: just get on this sh*t and go crazy and just talk what I want to talk, say what I want to say. And all the people that's featured on the mixtape, shoutout to them anyway. I tell them the same thing, man do what you want, say what you want, let's just have fun, enjoy ourselves, and show people that we could rap. We can make words rhyme. Yeah and it's still dedicated to you f**k-n***as

D5! Whattup 5!?
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