Peter CottonTale


Shout out to all my n***as
You already know
T.I, you heard me
T streets, you heard me
My n***a few
My n***a my little brudda Marley G, shout out capo
Shout out hot, you heard me
You already know we got shout out Mack we got shout out poe
You already know, shout out young Dare
Young Jean, we in the building
Yeah baby, young Carlie, yeah baby

Shout out A, shout out Jim and kick your f*cking ass
Russian Intelligence ..
Man, shout out my n***a R Jay!
Shout out RJ. We got 7 maybachs outside
Oh bang are we live?
Oh Mike banger are we live?
Ayo, n***a
Shout out Detail
Hey baby!

And yeah man, shout out my family
And all that and you already know I keep the personal in private

You know, like I said D5, what up 5?
And every time I say what up 5 on this mixtape
Let me know what I mean by that
I’m hollerin at my pops, you already know the number one five star, number one stunner
What up 5? I like you n***a

What up Jane? Shout out Jane!
Shout out Los, shout out Cop, shout out Lil B
Shout out K, hear me hey real
All my kids, everybody else
You already know
What up 5?
You mean shout out Devona
You already do that? Or T, do you already shout out Devona?
Terror, terror boys ..
Do you really shout out Devona?
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