Peter CottonTale

"Heir to the Throne (Freestyle)"

Roc-A-Fella has stepped into the building
(I promise you, man, it's a problem)
We ain't come here to tell you our signs
We ain't come here to tell you how old we are
We ain't come here to tell if we got wives, childrens
We ain't tell you that we got cars
Twinkes and 20 inch rims but alls that's not in the know
We came here to shut down New York, I promise you man
I came to tell them, I know what I came to tell 'em
I don't wanna do no photoshoots, no articles

This the beginning of a new dynasty
I hope you n***as come prepared
You should be very scared

They tryna tell me Vic chill you ain't playing fair
How you think I got here like the opposite of Nair
I just want the winning chair
I pledge to live revolution, you acting off reaction
Real n***as in my faction
So if I need a burner squeeze, I don't pop it, I just pass it
Let my shooter take that shot like John Paxson

Please, don't blow me I'm sick, you don't wanna see me sneeze
Wrestling with depression you could get DDTed
I'm the link like EBT where black like BET
Shout to my London n***as at the BBC
Mother f**kers jump to conclusions
Try and box me somehow I always comeback like Rocky
ASAP gave me some game he said I'm iller than any of these rap n***as who gon' try to advise me

That's why I never listen, I don't respect tradition
Never talk to the cops, you end up dead in prison
My n***a lil' E came out full grown
Got pulled over driving back through the hood home
n***as is targets and we ain't even started
You don't wanna see me go Black Eyed Peas retarded
Black out on one of these artists sneak dissing and spot you like you wearing the red shirt at target
Couple rap n***as you'd thought we was crew (straight up!)
Real life n***as is corny what can I do (straight up!)
Rich boy rappers get the notion that they tough
You a Cheddar Bob you better shooting yourself

I just ordered the Glock because we at war with the cops
Police saying off the street more than a block
They shooting n***as down like a gazelle to a lion
It's hard to keep calm when real n***as is dying
I grab iron I am the beast shoot at police
Hide out in the condo caught a alias on a lease
Is aliens in the projects outer space in the streets
We ready for war n***a you ready to be deceased
Compare me to Chief Keef, cause n***as is weak minded
I'm the heir to the throne, must you be reminded?
I just signed a deal with the Illuminati

That's how I got the Ye feature and got super poppin'
They watchin', wanna know whats up with the album
And the hair, where you get your rock and roll style from?
Young Jimmy Page, I'm on a different page
I get different pay got different ways to make it
n***as turn their back on me so many times, I gotta front
I ain't have 50 Cent, now I teach you how to stunt
I pray to you to remain true to skip school and
They ain't been in my shoes but assume my sh*t is shoo-in
Like I ain't sleep in a car seat with nothing to eat
On a tour with J. Cole I ain't make a dollar a show
Don't f**king talk to me about paid dues

Don't chalk my success up to Kanye influence
n***a, I made U Mad before I met dude ass

That's no disrespect that's my n***a and you knew that
But mother f**kers always act like I ain't prove that
I been killing these n***as since my high school raps
On my cop killer sh*t like ice T back
With a Roc-A-Fella lim and a little black panther
A side of Shakur mixed in with Fred Hampton

And there you have it kid now, "Can I Live"?
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