Peter CottonTale

"I Been"

Oh, what a pleasant surprise
I heard you wanna be down now
Studio actors I swear
I don't, I don't, I don't need your props
I been

I been, I been, doing this sh*t, I swear
I been, I been, doing this sh*t (I swear)
I ain't new, nah
I been doing this sh*t, n***a (For real)
I been doing this sh*t, f**k is you dog?

[Verse 1]
I should buy Airbnb for the night, and invite your b*t*h
I bet you her ass coming running, then come in and dip
I been doing this sh*t, yeah, you been losing this sh*t
I been cruising this year, old n***a stressed out, bunch of gray hairs

If you don't stay around here, dog, it ain't safe 'round here
We be watching out for the narcos, with the green plates around here, that's the jump-out boys
What you jump out, boy?
SAVEMONEY hella poppin', true
2015 sh*t, I might pull up to the club in a helicopter (Choppers)
Who knows?

R.I.P, still killing shows, you can catch me on the road (Ride)
Catch me in the hood, southside, but never catch me going broke, no
But wait, no, I don't think so (True)
I feel like every other b*t*h tell me "Yes" cause they already know
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