Peter CottonTale

"Marijuana Smoker"

Yo n***a where you at?
I'm at he spot what up?
Man you won't believe what just happened to me bro
You was in that jam?
Yea n***a. I'm on my way to the spot man, roll that sh*t up yo

Marijuana smoker do a line of coka
Tell me how you feel
Now if you say you love it then you'' die for it
And if you say you need it the you'll cry for it
Our problems different
But they hurt the same
'Till we all are gone (are gone)
I'mma sing along

Marijuana smoker do a line of coka
Sniff it all up
Marijuana smoker do a line of coka
Break it all down

Smoke man Anotoniono coming to you live and in your living room
I'm gonna tell you all how to make leather corduroys today folks
Something that's real simple and easy
But you don't see it everyday, you don't see it on the shelves
Nobody really has the means to mass produce this kind of stuff yet
But very f**king rare nonetheless
Ok lets just get straight to it
You're gonna want to hit up your local grocery mart ok
Pick up about fifty bananas ok
Um, we typically use 25 on each leg
We're working with male sizes up north
So it could be different for your scenario
But pick up about fifty bananas
You're gonna want to unpeel every single one of those bananas ok
Um, to the point where you know there's no banana residue in there
Its just the banana peels and the insides of the banana peels ok
You're going to want a hot asphalt surface, um maybe even a freezer to speed up the drying process
Um, whatever you prefer
But you're gonna want to add your first layer of polyurethane ok
What this polyurethane's gonna do is seep into the cracks and the pores of the organic material
And form some kind of unity ok
And its gonna keep it from corroding as well, and rotting
Um, and that'll come into play later down the road
Um, but after that polyurethane dries, ok
You're gonna want to add a layer of adhesive ok
You're gonna want to add a light layer of mesh material hanging off a quarter inch on each side
In oder to sew these pieces together and make one cohesive unit if you will, uh
But uh, save time if you can
Um, save money better yet
Uh, and that's basically all we're doing
Is create functional fashion, a functional food if you know what I'm saying
With virtually no capital
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