Peter CottonTale


[Intro: Vic Mensa]
SaveMoney f**k n***a f**k shawty

[Chorus: Vic Mensa]
You could-you could hear my trunk bangin' hangin' out the windows
Swangin' down your block with the birdy in my lap
You can hear my smoke, burnin' loud I'm back to business
Early in the morn n***as-n***as still rollin'
And I think it's that weed got me, I'm tweakin'
Maybe that lean got me I'm tweakin'

Pullin' donuts in the beam, homie I'm tweakin'
b*t*h n***a you don't know me, stop tweakin'

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Sound like Ray J and Chris Brown on Celebrity Deathmatch
Where the latter of the two get his neck slashed
Or slapping a paraplegic with a pair of crutches
Or wiping my ass with Rosie O'Donnell's mustache
I got Martha Stewart cooking yola
Molly in the cherry cola, rub it on your areolas
She let me cactus the cat backwards
And vacuumed the seeds from out of my black backwood
I'm an author without the aardvark
Pull tricks like Card Shark, thumbs up to the camera like Nardwuar
Warhol & a Narwhal in an ark
Park the yacht in the water hit your daughter in a smart car
Heart colder than body parts frozen in ice
Chopped the digits leave the five fingers for the mice
Might pull a suicide mission and dip with the doors up
African elephants in my tour bus
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