Peter CottonTale


Leather Cords

[Verse 1: Joey Purp]
When you see me what you have to do
Bow down, real prince
Thems the purple dude
Big tech and I pull it too
Tough shot, nine pop and I get at you

[Verse 2: Kami]
Man down, man down
What your partner do?
Young n***a, young n***a
Where your posse crew
Hoes with us
Yall n***as not winners
Them are gold diggers
Dig gold
Go figure n***a

[Verse 3: Joey]
Nine shooter, nine shooter
Roll with your crew
Batty boy, batty boy
And your family too
Menstruate when I aim at you
With tall chopper, Shaq shot, number 32
Rude boy, rude gal
Dirty rhythm now
Parachute, find the boat, find the river now
Corduroy, clock your boot, khaki suit now
Don Dada
Tough gang, army unit now
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