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[Intro: Sterling Hayes]
Antidepressants. Just that word brings fear and anxiety and depression into peoples minds, right? Antidepressants! Medication! Oh my god, medication! Pills! I don't want to take pills! That means I'm sick if I'm taking pills! Right?

Wrong. I'll tell you my full opinion about antidepressants, after we discuss it for a little while. Okay, because I have some things I want to discuss first, before... I give them my opinion. I need to explain myself first, before I give you my opinion on antidepressants. Because it's a big topic, it's a pretty big thing

One thing about antidepressants: and that is about the access we have to information. It is sooo easy to get information about anything. Anything. Heck, if you looked hard enough, you could probably figure out my last meal. And where I live. Honestly, don't do it. But, it is so easy to get information, whether that be medical, whether that be about geography, history, I don't know... anything you want to learn, it's out there. It's incredible

It is also dangerous. Especially when it comes to medications. Because what people do is they may join forums, they may go look at medical websites, and research the antidepressant that they're on. Ooooh, no, no, no! Bad idea! Good initiative, but maybe not the best idea, and I'll tell you why. Because, if you get antidepressants, you have a list of instructions, and the list of side effects is about 'ye big.' It goes from up here, down to the floor. Okay? Don't read the side effects! Don't!

When I was on antidepressants, there were those side effects. Believe me, I'm telling you. And I knew what the side effects were, some people get nauseous, uh, sleeplessness, maybe even suicidal thoughts, if they're not working right... Um, maybe dizziness (alcohol increases that effect)

[Instrumental Intermission]

[Verse: Teddy Jackson]
Yeeaaah, daaahh
Yeaaah, yeah
Ooooh, yeah Daaaahh
Steady tryna change my life
Steady tryna move
Look at all the things, that I've been through
All the pain and suffering, like
Keep the thing going
That's my homie, but I gotta let him go
(Pop, pop, pop) The n***as
(Pop, pop, pop) Oh yeah, the n***as down
(Pop) Oh yeah, the n***as down
No, no, nah, no

Yeaah, yeeeaaah


Yes, yes, yeah

Steady tryna change my life
They don't want me to
Want me to be that badass n***a that a pulled a...
Gun on you

[Outro: Teddy Jackson]
No hard feelings, but I'm in my feelings
And, I can't kill it man
I can't kill it, no
I just feel it so
Noooo, nooo, no, Yeah

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