Peter CottonTale

"I Ain't sh*t"

I'mma end up drivin' your f**kin' car and I ain't even f**ked up

They say my momma not a millionaire
So I can't be a millionaire
They put a virus in the air
Tryna make us live in fear
'Til ain't nobody livin' here
Tryna make you sell drugs
Every pack disappear
Pray I don't disappear
Gang [?] in a coffin
Couple mil' for a deal
Yeah n***a, now we talkin'
f**k goin' in them pockets
You can take the pockets off him
I been with a couple felons
Ain't nobody smokin' me
Doc, it ain't no dopamine
All my b*t*h pu**y pure
Might have some coke on me
Drugs will be the death of me
What's it do?
Hides the pain, it's all I knew
I'm f**king up, it's not for them
It's not for you
I ain't the victim
But these dirty hoes, yeah
Huh, they tryna trick 'em
But I ain't goin'
I'm tryna be the man, huh
I'm tryna be a man, huh
Been in love for 10 years
Now I can't stand her
Then she with another n***a
I can't blame her

I ain't sh*t
I ain't sh*t
I ain't sh*t
I ain't sh*t

[Beat Switch]


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