Peter CottonTale

"My City"

And it's my city
And it's my city
Rest in peace, Riley Cows Jr., Mr. Washington, Nigel Daylow, My Grandmother

[Verse 1]
I done seen them pretty lights
I done seem them dark nights, too
A b*t*h n***a couldn't handle that
One for them, one far out the trap
n***a ain't pay them bills with battle rap
We own Cadillacs
Where I'm at
Same place where my n***as at
We overseas or we in the trap
Couple G's in the cold stones
Couple Viceroys
All my addicts who be on tour
Tell my ex b*t*h that my b*t*h a ten
And she got a twin
And I'm that n***a

And I'm that n***a, right?

[Beat Switch]

[Verse 2]
Momma raised no [?]
n***as shoot no [?]
Some of my homies shoot up
Phone 'em tryna boot up
Heavy in Chriaq
Rebel in Cavalli jeans
I'm the man in every scene
My attitude Hollywood
A b*t*h can't do sh*t from me
b*t*h that's black history
I just want a little me
I could do without you
Move to the South
A lakeside view, n***a
I don't want your moves, n***a
Fakes pack them moves, n***a
Bad fuse, n***a
I [?] drugs for the free n***a
Wish you was me, n***a?
I'm blessed and I'm lucky, n***a
Your b*t*h love me, n***a
I manage myself, n***a
No hands in my pocket
Milli in the corner pot
Saw you on the corner, clocking
[?], n***a
And you got kids, n***a
I don't have to deal with ya
I can switch timezones
You steal iPhones
You steal my cologne
And it's my city

And it's my city
And it's my city
And it's my city
And it's my city

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