Peter CottonTale


Yeah, turn me up in the phones
Ok, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
They call me Young Purple, Young Jimmy, Young Rasta
Big Willy, b*t*h call me Big Papa
I'm flexing flagrant, I'm just a product of integration
Call immigration, all my relations is interracial
These n***as old, they carbon dated; these n***as fossils
These n***as fake and these n***as actors, they need an Oscar
These n***as tweaking, these b*t*hes leeches, these n***as sponsors
He pay the car note, I finger f**ked her all in the Mazda
The pimp died and the n***a still sipping
Fall asleep and woke up leaning and a n***a still tipping

And the only thing I never really need is your opinion
If the devil wears Prada, then my b*t*h been sinning, uh
They say we different, they say we different, they say we changed
They say a lot, when they see us they never say a thing
They say we changed, they say we changed, they say we different
I'm up in Barneys, I'm going Scottie, oh what a feeling

[Chorus 1]
I took a Xan, it got me woozy on the plane man
I'm trying to f**k the stewardess before the plane land
Indian head, polo swag on rain dance
She got my number and my Instagram name cause
She ain't really bad, she a photo thot
She'll f**k a n***a off the gram for a photo op
She ain't really bad that's the photo shoots
Had her on the camera going down in the photobooth

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