Peter CottonTale


[Intro: Trinidad James & Kelechi]
Don’t nobody owe you sh*t my n***a, quit b*t*hin’ (Woo!)
And the only reason n***as ain’t winnin’ cause n***as ain’t listenin'
Everybody reachin' when they know you got the juice (I said everybody reachin')
Everybody reachin' when your pocket full of loot (I said everybody reachin')
Everybody reachin' when they know that you the truth
Everybody reachin', everybody reachin'
Everybody, everybody

[Verse 1: Kelechi]
When you blow up everybody start reachin’, leachin’
Answer to your question ever since I crossed over
Man we talking’ bout practice, what you preachin’?
I went from every ho's D-list to “Please gimme the D” list
In every conversation as of recent
Conversation constipated till they figure i’mma be sh*t
The brain must have put her on the Dean’s list
Cause you are very unimportant, why you on the VIP list?
(What you really tryna get up outta me?)
The same hands dappin' me look like the ones that doubted me
(And you ain’t help me get to where I’m bout to be)
My n***a last year’s salary is next year’s hourly
(Been cooking’ for a minute, now I’m bout to eat)
And now Kelechi’s eating and you wanna count calories
I’m bound to be the sound to lead us out of every boundary
Out of bounds, I ain’t even ballin’ but you’re foulin’ me
Reachin’ (Woo!)
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