Peter CottonTale


[Verse 1: Joey Purp]
Uh, I'm sick of waiting, I'm sick and tired, I'm sick, I hate it
I'm sick of outside opinions, I just ran out of patience
I'm sick of writing these raps, stuck in this f**king basement
Knowing you the best and they telling you just to be complacent
I'm tired of fickle fans, don't understand my new direction
I'm sick of people too closed-minded to view progressions

[Break: Teddy Jackson]
All I wanna know is what they gon' do when I'm gone

[Verse 2: Joey Purp]
My n***a just had a baby, his baby mama crazy
He bought her houses, new clothes and even a new Mercedes
All they ever do now is argue about who f**king lazy
Who he creeping with, where he going and who he texting lately
My n***a got two jobs, and still he gotta hustle
He said "you'll never trust me, how dare you expect me to trust you"

[Break: Teddy Jackson]
All I wanna know is what you gon' do when I'm gone

[Verse 3: Joey Purp]
(I'm right back)
I remember slaving away with a 9 to 5
Bad enough, I've been stuck in a f**king dead-end job
My boss is telling me I decide to show up late one more time
I'mma be filling out applications, n***a, you must be high
When you was hiding in the back when this b*t*h ass got robbed
You fired me over nothing but five minutes of time
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