Peter CottonTale

"Playin Fair"

[Produced by Smoko Ono & GARREN]

[Intro: Towkio]
'Bout to bust it

[Verse 1: Towkio]
I said "Oooh!"
I swear we taking it over
And I stepped in this b*t*h and
They feel I'm fresh out a coma
I swear these b*t*hes be choosin'
But I know I'm the chosen
I mean this flow is so static
Get shocked you get any closer

I drop the lean in mimosas
Put my weed in diplomas
And my body got marks - I'm art
I swear this the MOMA

I get that soft as a sofa
And flip it hard as a rock
No Smith, I need me a Jada
I might just kick it with Jaden

I see the future like That's So Raven
I know what I know

I don't know 'bout no Orioles
But I know 'bout them O's
And I know 'bout folks in the most and
Dressed up with hoodies and straps and
They come and kick down your door and
Won't need no warrant for that

And I'm a brother of father
And my nephew we growing
My mama, she always working
Finally got a promotion
And every day yeah she text me
She call me, tell me she love me
I told her "Mama don't worry
I'm try'na get to this money"
And I ain't got no homies
Man I only got family
Talking Victor and Chano
Joey, and Chukwu, and Dally

We used to whip in the Caddy
Until that b*t*h got impounded

Now we get high in Cali
We taking flights over mountains
And them my bros, I got 'em
Yeah I swear that I got 'em
From the city of Gotham
Who knew this garden would blossom
I remember concrete court
Ball like Vince Carter
Them shots on me to the head
You can talk with the body
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