Peter CottonTale

"Lost In Nostalgia"

[Verse 1]
Are you here with me?
Did it change?
Do you still believe?
Did you blame me for the differences in who we are?
You're my daylight and I'm your star

And I'm shooting across your mind
And you're wishing that I'd take time
To try again, to lie again
And say that our wings could fly again

No, no, no
There's a new love that's waiting for you, love
I don't believe I'm what you need
You go from me

It used to - used to - used to be right, right?
Left - Left in my brain is this piece of our time
Time to get over overthinking
Thinking maybe one last try
Don't you get lost in nostalgia

[Verse 2]
Yesterday you hated me
Then you think about the things you used to say to me
And you think about the times you couldn't stay away
Then I think about you, saying "I'm just saying hey"
Now little by little texting you from day to day
Suddenly we start saying "What you doing, babe?"
And "Baby I can not wait till I can see your face."
Till once again here we are at "I just need some space."
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