Peter CottonTale

"Washingtons By Your Side"

It's kinda crazy 'cause
People think
I got it made just 'cause I got paper
I mean
I do got it made but
That's 'cause I made it myself

Gang Gang

[Verse 1]
Uh, people be all in my face
Wasn't the time and the place
Do interviews and I'm on stage
'Cause baby I gotta get paid
Don't matter what most people say
'Cause all of 'em get in the way
I'm working with more than I play
Which mean I'm gon' be here to stay
I roll me one up and I blaze
And take a tree straight to the face
Those thuggers keep hoping I change
But no, I'ma stay in my lane
I'm smelling like weed on the plane
And white people think it's a shame
As soon as they mention my name
They go back to being the same

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