Peter CottonTale

"Down for Life"

[Intro: PARTYNEXTDOOR & DJ Khaled]
DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled!
Another one!
We the Best Music!

Whoa, can't let you roll
I'll let you know that's she's the one, not the two
Yeah yeah yeah, shade without the H
Most think we smooth with this young n***a attitude

[Chorus: PARTYNEXTDOOR & DJ Khaled]
Girl, is you ready, ready, ready? Yeah, yeah
I'm tired, baby, you tired
Of them headaches, headaches, headaches, yeah
But I'mma give you what you looking for
Just be down for life (for life) just be down for life (for life)
Just be down for life (for life) I'mma be down for life (for life)
Are you down for life? (for life) just be down for life
Just be ready with it, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Future]
P-A-I-D in F-U-L-L (Super)
I go to J-A-I-L, F-U-C-K all them cops, yeah, f**k 12
Roll it up tight then put it in the air
I'm tryna find me a rider that's real
Icing you down for the demonstrations
Down, down for the demonstrations
We gotta live for our reputations
You got your level up, you got your level up
Uno amigo your caliber
24k on an amateur, I get 100k out a bag
I spent 100k on your bag, that's a crocodile Birk
They tryna throw dirt on my name and they seeing what I'm worth
I pull up dripping like BB, I get so many fresh everyday
You better hope I don't OD, I keep a chopper like BG
Young money n***a no PG, slow it down for me like juvie
I catch a homi' like lil' T, I'm in the streets like a HB
They made a movie in 3D, we made a film at AMC's
Here come another one, Khaled; here come another one, Khaled
(Another one)

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