Peter CottonTale

"Hot sh*t"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, world in your palms
Stare at your shoes, never looked in the stars
Heart on my sleeve, shoulder, my arm
Oh, you ice cold, I brush off the salt
Tell me what it takes to get in them draws
Got that slick tongue talk, that sh*t make you moist
Come ride that pony 'til your voice is hoarse
How you drop to your knees make me praise the lord, yeah
Link with your girls and you're hardly sober
Claim that they bi, but really just bipolar
Most of 'em can't decide on which filter
Ooh, ya need guidance? Let me help show ya
Ex-girl crazy, you should be careful
I think Cupid hit his bow, arrow
On my head, it's crazy, but that my baby
Tax season, f**k around, claim ya

I said hot sh*t
They just want that hot sh*t, music they could geek to
Feel it through your body, know that we ain't gonna sleep
Yeah, can you keep a promise? Tell me all your secrets
Restin' on your conscience, all your secrets safe with me

[Verse 2]
A time when to meet
Just wait on the kick and try and catch the beat
If you find the rhythm that you want from me
No move with no pawn, you move like a queen
Attractive by law, don't care what your friends think
They love to talk sh*t, yeah, their breath stink
Most of them broke, I hand out the X-ray's
Or ski slopes and I ain't talkin' X Games
GPS, the phone get turned off
Connection get weak, the signal get lost, yeah
New heights, everybody wanna be ya
So they try reach ya, I tell 'em keep callin'
This sh*t fresh off the pot
Make your mama sweat, you should watch yourself
Make 'em ask for more, give 'em what they want
Have 'em comin' back, man, they feenin', ah
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