Peter CottonTale


MIIND b*t*h!

Want a house on hill, wrist sky-blue
While I smoke dope, cause I need some
Pronto, n***as wave they white flag like they Dido
Pull up and I shock a n***a, feel like Raichu
I will not leave till I make me million
n***as doubted me, till they see
I am brilliant, I don't sip lean
Lemonade in my cup, take a step back
Cause you will get f**ked up, cut n***as
Off, half these so called friends, my foes
I don't trust these hoes, I don't boast
I just know it's a no no, if you wanna go go
I will run solo, my flow give a boat load
b*t*h, I've been crazy, I'm bozo
I live in my palace, my mind is my torch
My thoughts will be twisted, like the cork
On some wine, I contort, like my schedule
Is flexible, turn ya to ghost, you so green like a edible
Half of my n***as, will kill for me, 187 a beat
Easily, f**k the sauce, I got flavor, I drop a taste
Yo big ups to Drake, cause n***as thank me later
Like n***as want beef then boy f**k the filet
Cause I'm slicing, you can't replace, the great
Can't focus on haters, don't deal with em later
This not even the end, this right here is the beta

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