Peter CottonTale

"Lose Me (I Don’t Mind)"

Head in the clouds, blood on leaves
I won't leave, keep your eyes on me
There's air beneath your feet, watch your step
And don't look left, you might lose me
No, I won't fight, I won't play both sides
It's okay with me
And I won't waste no time
Stay focused, focused

You don't have to hide
Be yourself, I don't mind
Stay focused, stay focused
Yeah, take a look inside, tell me what you find
We so close, just don't lose me, don't lose me
I said, "I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind"
I won't leave, I'm by your side
Your thoughts playin' tricks on your mind
If you ever feel lost, just follow the light

[Verse 1]
Oh, okay, my attention is yours
Intentions is pure, I'm close to the source, yeah
Tell me if this plan make you bored
You need somethin' more, I'm close to the ledge, ayy
Flow, know with that view from the cliff
I stare 'til I'm blind, my eyes start to sweat, yeah
Scars cut deep, it's hard to forget, yeah
It's in my reach and then I ball again
If I fall away, will you be my shadow?
DeLorean, taught to time travel
Cancel all your plans, where we go, yeah
It's hard to breathe, I need oxygen
Closer than ever, darkness make the sun feel like heaven
So just let me show you blessings
If you ready, hope you ready
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