Peter CottonTale


[Verse 1]
Don’t do well in boxes baby
(Selfish with my time)
I don’t want nothing but your love and affection baby
(Sweet taste of devils pie)
Can you roll with the highs and lows
Sometimes my hearts heavy as a stone
Or soft like water baby
Unafraid and un alone

You want it all wrapped in a basket
Your time and mine wrapped in a bow
You want a rock sweeter than honey
A flame to hold and not be afraid

[Verse 2]
(I want to give you girl, girl i want to give you give you girl)
I want to give you all I can
Even if I'm not your man
Knowing that we both got plans
Ain't no drawing lines in sand
Telling me that it's all love
Know that we both need some
Saying you want all my time
Telling me that you’re till mine
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