Peter CottonTale


[Verse 1]
You might want to hold my comb
When you find out what I’m made of
You might want to follow me and copy all of my mistakes
I’m so nice, so nice
You can’t not smile when I smile
And I cry, I cry
It’s just the rain so I can grow

Any minute now you get the message
Eenie meenie miney pick an apt description
I’m impressive, you can check my chart for reference
Moon-and sun-kissed, reverend blessed it
Come and listen to a quick confession
Water is to oil, me to your aggression
I’m protected
Joycetta prayed on me, mama burned sage for me
None can take that energy away from me
I’ve been up in here since grandmama was a baby, praise me
I be on my Giovanni, tea and honey
Tell it like I see it

Speak it so I be it
My ancestors watch me
Fairytale walking
Black Goldilocks, yeah
My naps just right
You got questions, I know that’s right
There must be a reason why
There must be a reason
There must be a reason why
There must be a reason
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