Peter CottonTale


[Intro: RZA]
A billion, data, Bitcoins and microchips
Intel Pentium, silicon and biochips
Sitting on Oprah's sofa
My drink is on a solid-gold coaster
Cigars with DiCaprio
I rock a Rollie, you still rock the Casio

Ace of Spade, popped on the patio
Aston Martin, powder, Blue and Pistachio

[Verse 1: Joey Purp]
I know that they are not who they pretend to be
Ain't no more convincing me
Money turn your kin into your enemy
Streets will turn your mans into your memory
I keep it a century
I got a lot of people tryna drain me of this energy
Broski had them ten a key, we got chickens, two a piece
They gon have to murder me, they don't want no n***as free
I know this was made for them, I know this was said for me
I'm just trynna tape back every single thing that's meant for me
I don't owe nobody nothing, everything come straight from me
"Young n***a, go get your bread"—only thing that's bred in me
Some my n***as still alive, they already dead to me

[Break: Joey Purp]
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