Peter CottonTale


Big body Caddy, lane-switching
Sipping oil, smelling like I'm paint thinner
12 tryna build a case with you
n***as telling, they ain’t gotta chase n***as
Things change ‘round shiny things
Make it hard to even face n***as
Pray the Lord put a blessin’ on me
Pray my son not a fake n***a
Pray his daddy not a dope dealer
Read the signs, know the ropes, n***a
Front the jays if you running plays
I ain’t never scared of no n***a
I ain’t goin’ back to broke, n***a
Really could’ve been a door-kicker
Pray whatever, if it stay together
We could whip it up and make the dope thicker, ayy

[Verse 1]
Switch up the style, switch up the style
I got it running for miles, ayy
I got the sauce, I got the style
I’ve been tripping for a while, ayy
I need a jeweler, a trip to Bermuda
A b*t*h gon' be giving medulla, ayy
I had that fish in the cooler, ayy
Castros, damn, they in collusion, ayy
Can't f**k that b*t*h ‘cause she boujee, ayy
Can't f**k that b*t*h ‘cause she boujee (Woo!)
Can't f**k that b*t*h ‘cause she’s thirsty, ayy
Can't [censored], her mind is polluted (Woo!)
Young and I’m rich and I’m ruthless (Woo!)
Whippin’ the coupe with the ruler, ayy
Whippin’ the coupe with no roof, ayy (What!)
I had the vision to do it
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