Peter CottonTale


Young Purple

[Verse 1]
I got a bad lil' thing, she a freak, she a blessing
She a burden, but she number 23, she a legend
Got a brand-new whip, jet black, got it blushing
Got a couple homies always do the most, learned their lesson
Got a good plug on that good girl if you need her
She a bad thing, she a bad thing, she a demon
Pour—Pour some, sip—sip some, this the season
This a theme song for them, stir it- stir it for a reason
I got big dreams, I got big dreams, big pimping
I got big team, gotta big rings on my finger
Try, try sh*t, they gon' block sh*t, blee—bleeding
This a classic off a quarterthing in a beamer
This the theme song, this the theme song for the summer
Got a big cup of that dirty-dirty and they love it
Selling quarterthing, sell a bad b*t*h, she a hundred
Ain't a damn thing changed, n***a, you know how I'm coming
Roll up!
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